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Our roster of authors includes established thought leaders and emerging voices, all of whom share a commitment to creating meaningful, impactful works that address a range of personal development topics, from self-empowerment and mindfulness to resilience and purpose-driven living.


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We are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts from independent writers. 

Dr. Parisi, a distinguished and compassionate healer, stands at the intersection of healthcare and spirituality, wielding both the credentials of a Doctor of Nursing Practice and the insight of a licensed Nurse Practitioner. With a profound commitment to holistic well-being, she seamlessly merges the worlds of conventional medicine and alternative spirituality.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Christian Poet, Angel Love is passionate about advocacy for survivors of abuse and mental health awareness. Her commitment to using her voice as a catalyst for positive change extends far beyond the pages of her books, embodying the spirit of compassion and hope that permeates her work.


Shattered Heart to Healed Soul: Poems of Betrayal, Divorce, Love, and Faith Renewed


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